Fail to insert image in hugo

I have follow this site to add my image in static file, but still fail to display on my site. I have try it on my localhost, the images does not display.

In my post:

![p](/1.png 'p')<br>
![p](/img/1.png 'p')

Image is added to static folder:

$ ls -R static
1.png   img


In the site console, the path is incomplete:

<img src="/1.png" alt="p" title="p"><br>
<img src="/img/1.png" alt="p" title="p">

It doesn’t seem incomplete to me. Does the file open normally otherwise ?
static/1.png will be available with src="/1.png". Size of the file ?
Keep those files and address but use my render-hook and tells me if there’s any error or warning.

Sorry, I don’t know how to use your render-hook, I am really new to hugo. Where some I put those shortcode?

put it here:

    └──􀀂  themes 
       └──􀀂  hugo-book 
          └──􀀂  layouts 
             └──􀀂  _default 
                └──􀀂  _markup 
                   ├──􀀀  render-codeblock-quote.html 
                   ├──􀀀  render-heading.html 
                   ├──􀀀  render-image.html 
                   └──􀀀  render-link.html

copy and paste the content of the whole file into render-image.html, create it if it’s not there already. Instead of website, it’s whatever name you gave your project.