Rename taxonomy with alias to old taxonomy name

I hope that I am not repeating the question, but I couldn’t find a solution with a lot of googling.

I have a taxonomy with some name (let say taxonomy1) and terms pages are at urls

I want to rename the taxonomy (let’s say to, taxonomy2). When I change the taxonomy name in the config file, all tags are at a new URL, which is what I want:

Is there any option for making redirects/aliases for all terms (without making redirects for each path term separately) from old to new taxonomy names? For example, if I visit domain_name/taxonomy1/term1, it should redirect me to domain_name/taxonomy2term1.

If you are using Netlify then you could use their _redirect options very easily to achieve what you want.

Otherwise it will be much simpler to use server redirects rather than create the taxonomy aliases in Hugo, manually .

By the way the _redirects in the config for a Hugo project are about the development server and not deployment.

I do not use Netlify but hosting on GitHub Pages and using Cloudflare. So I am thinking of making the redirect on Cloudflare.