Looking for a Hugo Theme consultant

I use https://github.com/digitalcraftsman/hugo-material-docs and generally like it a lot. It does what I need and works well everywhere.

Several years ago I paid someone to make some small changes – in particular, to automatically put my banner at the top of each page. Unfortunately that person didn’t understand Hugo and made the changes to the theme directly rather than a local directory as normally suggested.

So now I can’t update the theme without wiping out the changes.

I’d also like to set up my sites to use a github sub-repository (as seems to be recommended by many themese) rather than copying the them into the site repo. And there are a few other things, in particular being able to have a single source for a page that is duplicated across multiple sites, things like that which I would like to get to once the original problem is solved.

Unfortunately I have created number of sites based on the incorrectly-modified theme, but I think it won’t be a problem to duplicate the corrections once they have been made.

I’m sure this is something that I could eventually figure out myself, but it’s been rather a long time and I haven’t gotten to it so I’m hoping there’s someone I can pay to do this and a handful of other things. And most importantly, do it right so I don’t run into problems like this in the future.

If there’s a smarter way of going about finding someone, I’d like to know that as well. Thanks for listening.

PS: I already reached out to digitalcraftsman but he’s not interested in consulting.

I have added your topic to the Services category. This is what we use in this forum for paid help requests.

With that said best of luck.

I only want to note that this is a theme whose last update was 3 yrs ago. Unfortunately it doesn’t work with the recent Hugo versions above v0.57.0.

Currently it has been removed from the Hugo Themes showcase, but it may be added again if it is updated by the author.

Hi @BruceEckel,

We’ll be happy to discuss and work on this requirement. We have already completed 3 Hugo sites and working on 2 others.

Completed Hugo sites




Sanjay Kumar

Thanks for the pointers. This creates a dilemma – I could simply leave the theme as is and keep using it with older Hugo and solve other problems, or I could fork the existing (apparently) unsupported theme and bring it up to date, publish it as a new theme (with the features I want) and support that. Both have benefits: the first approach is cheaper and more immediate, the second benefits both the community and my longer-term use of the theme.

I’m assuming there’s not an issue with forking and creating new themes from existing ones (even if the results are minor), is that correct?

Thanks again for the help.

There is no issue whatsoever.

We already have forks of other themes listed on the Hugo Themes Showcase, provided that there are substantial new features, when compared to the originals.

In your case if you want to submit this fork there is no issue since the original is unmaintained.

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I put your email andrewjohnson56782@gmail.com into Google and found 907 results mostly with same content.

It seems that you are just posting to various technology-oriented forums a reply: I can help you.

Hey @BruceEckel consider this information while you are choosing a developer.


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Thanks for pointing that out – I replied to him and got no response, so I think your analysis is correct. Seems like a bot; disappointing.

@pavelbinar, was that just a helpful hint or are you also offering your services? Thanks.

Hi @BruceEckel

I do not think it is a bot, but something is not right here. Let’s move on, happy to help.

Well, yes, it was intended just as a helpful hint.

I build a few Hugo websites with some complexity (multilanguage, using data objects for generating content, etc.), so feel comfortable with it, but I cannot claim to be an expert.

We can jump on the call if you want. I will send you my contact info in a private message.

At least, you know that I am a real person :smiley:

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