defaultContentLanguage = "fr" don't work

i creating a documentation with hugo and hugo-learn-theme theme.

I will use French for defaultContentLanguage but my home page redirect in english home page.
translation option work for my all page but i can’t configure correctly my home page in FR
my home is ever en :frowning:
I have this on my config.toml :

[params]   **This is my error .......** :grimacing: is not params ....... i write option on the header to config.toml ...

defaultContentLanguage = "fr"
defaultContentLanguageInSubdir= true
disableLanguageSwitchingButton = false

themeVariant = "green"
author = "Valentin"

my pages are this structure :slight_smile:

content/dog/ (home page fr of dog categori) (home page en of dog categori)

and children page in same folder

Please show us your language définition: Multilingual Mode | Hugo

Something like:

    languagedirection: rtl
    title: مدونتي
    weight: 2

To clarify, the problem was caused by placing the following within the [params] table:

defaultContentLanguage = "fr"
defaultContentLanguageInSubdir= true

These belong in the top-level (root) table.

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