Regexxer - Easiest way of editing hundreds of posts in Linux

I’m editing the metadata of hundreds of posts (setting tags and categories), and a simple tool called regexxer is the best I’ve found for this task. Unfortunately I think it’s Linux only.

What’s good about it is that I don’t have to open, save and close files one by one. Markdown files are displayed on a list (not tabs), I can click on any, make changes on the right side, and jump back and forth between files doing adjustments (like in Lightroom or Darktable). Later I can save all edits at once.

If you know similar or better tools for any OS, tell us! :slight_smile:

PS. I added Autokey to my setup, which automatically expands abbreviations. I type “en” and it replaces it with “langs: [en]”. I fill the metadata now in seconds.


Good tip.

But it doesn’t seem to support any multiline variants, or am I missing something? Even matching \n seems to do nothing, and I see no options to enable this either.

It looks like that feature was requested more than 8 years ago. I couldn’t find the source in Sourceforge, but tried in GitHub and was lucky. I wonder if version 0.10 fixes the regexp (Ubuntu gives me 0.9)

When I moved 5 blogs & sites across to hugo, I did this with perl:

perl -pi -e 's/^comments/menu: main\ncomments/' *.md

And repeated for each alteration I needed to make. While the editing might be nicer in a fancy GUI tool, this was very easy to automate, along with git clean -fdx to revert any faulty changes :slight_smile: