Is there a way to change a field name across lots of content at once?

If I have content that uses a custom field / parameter, and I want to change the name of it across all content, is there something in the command line tool to help or would I need to do some kind of grep / replace? Thank you!

I use the atom editor and sometimes sublime text. They both have really good find and replace functionality, though sublime’s is a bit better. And, with both you can use Regex if needed. I find it indispensable with static sites.


To clarify, there are lots of external tools to make the changes you want, but no, the hugo app doesn’t have that functionality. I think I saw a post here or in the issue tracker about it, so maybe search around and find if there is a conversation about adding that as a feature.

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Excellent, thank you! If I dig up any related posts I’ll cross-reference them here.