Reflection error with with roxo theme

Hi, I’m also trying this theme and it gives me same error.

This is theme: GitHub - StaticMania/roxo-hugo

I’ve only did git add submodule, then copy exampleSite and hugo serve
Looks like some incompatibility with versions.
I’m running locally hugo v0.119.0-b84644c008e0dc2c4b67bd69cccf87a41a03937e+extended darwin/arm64 BuildDate=2023-09-24T15:20:17Z VendorInfo=brew

Edit: Found a solution, remove hugo.toml, use just config.toml if you copied over exampleSite from theme

Your problem is different.

The theme wants a menu with the “nav” identifier (i.e., .Site.Menus.nav). Look at the config.toml file in the theme’s exampleSite directory.