Referencing static files in content folder - Multilingual

I have static files in my content folder, for organisational purposes. Lets say:

▶ tree content
└── blog
    ├── first-blog
    │   └──
    │   └──
    │   └── picture1.jpg
    ├── second-blog
    │   └──
    │   └──
    │   └── picture2.jpg

For the default language, these image files are copied when building the site. The other languages get their own folder, without the static files (but with the htlm generated from the .md file).

I don’t think the static files should be copied to every language folder. But how can I reference the image files in the the default language folder from my layout template html files?

All URL related template variables contain the active language code, so they return something like:
jp/blog/first-blog or localhost/jp/blog/first-blog. I need a way to get the URL of the same location in the default language folder. Which can either be en/blog/first-blog or just in the root blog/first-blog (depending on the defaultContentLanguageInSubdir setting).

Am I missing some template variable?

Another option would be to do some string functions to alter the URL. But for that to work I need the DefaultContentLanguage in the site config.toml. I can’t get figure out to get this value from a template variable. {{ .Site.DefaultContentLanguage }} doesn’t exist, and{{ .Site.Params.DefaultContentLanguage }} doesn’t work since it’s is not defined in the param section of the config file.

I could use the first language in {{ .Site.Languages }}, hoping that the default language weight is the lowest. But that doesn’t have to be the case.