Multilang Ressources

hello to all,
it’s been a while since I put my hands in Hugo and already 0.79! anyway

I have an image gallery on a multilingual site, the code I was using worked well on “mono lang”, but I have some problems in multilingual.

My content folder looks like this

    /images/photo *.jpg

my images folder looks like this


in layout/index.html

I have this to call up all the images

{{ range $page := sort (where .Site.RegularPages "Type" "images") ".File.Dir" }}
{{ range $index, $image := sort ($page.Resources.ByType "image") "Params.order" }}
		{{ $.Scratch.Set "thumbnail" ($image.Resize "x750") }}
		<img loading="lazy" class="lazy" src="{{ ($.Scratch.Get "thumbnail").RelPermalink }}" alt="Thumbnail of {{ $image.Name }}"/>

{{ end }}
{{ end }}


If I move my images folder to /en I see them in my English home but not in my /en or /es folders.

If I put it at the root, none of the homepages have access to it, which is normal according to the doc.

I guess that’s where the error comes from, but I couldn’t solve it right away.
{{ range $page := sort (where .Site.RegularPages "Type" "images") ".File.Dir" }}

Thank you for your time

Move your images to static folder. See