Referencing images in static directory when site is served from subdirectory

It didn’t solve mine.
the prefix /Images/ (Images directory being inside static) used to work on all pages, I had to recreate the directory from scratch, edit my conf, but migrate everything else including the content.
And now only [whatever](Images/....) works, and ONLY on the first ( page, none others.

This ßðîþ is bugged, I swear to god the behavior is not coherent at all…

Why the hell isn’t there a predictable, official way to address something in file tree, especially in static/ ? Why do they concentrate on whatever fancy complicate feature I can’t understand instead of FIXING essential things ?

pleasure help me ! thanks.

baseURL = ''

languageCode = 'en-us'
title = 'Final Worldview'
theme = "hugo-book"

BookTheme = 'dark'
    BookSearch = true
    BookComments = true
    BookPortableLinks = true
    BookServiceWorker = true
    BookTranslatedOnly = true  
disablePathToLower = false
enableGitInfo = true

# Needed for mermaid/katex shortcodes
  unsafe = true

  startLevel = 1

# Multi-lingual mode config
# There are different options to translate files
# See
# And
  languageName = 'English'
  contentDir = 'content'
  weight = 1
  languageName = 'Français'
  contentDir = 'content_fr'
  weight = 1

The hugo-book theme uses a markdown render hook for images when site.Params.BookPortableLinks = true. This hook does not function as expected when the site is served from a subdirectory. For example:

baseURL = ''

Please raise an issue with the author of the theme:

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