RANAA Niger - quick project using Codyhouse framework

A friend of mine asked me to build a website he designed for a new political party in Niger, Africa. I had less than a day to put it online (what we do for friends :slight_smile: ) but the design was pretty simple and so I used a new CSS/JS framework I was eager to try, one by the people over CodyHouse: https://codyhouse.co/ds/components.

The framework has very good components built using their CSS framework and vanilla Javascript. They have attention to file size and accessibility, and this a win-win for me. And of course, the rest is built with Hugo.

Although I love working with TailwindCSS, it was much quicker to use the components from this framework as they came with all batteries included.

So here I live a tip to you to check this framework and see if it fits on your toolbox. :slight_smile:

Hello I removed the external link to that political party’s website and locked your post.

I understand that the website was made with Hugo but there is no need to post a link to a political website.

If you feel like sharing the source with the implementation of the Codyhouse framework components, you are welcome to do so.

Thanks for the understanding.

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No problem! I didn’t think about that, and i completely understand. :slight_smile:

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