Quick start instructions results in a broken site

I have been trying to move into hugo from a bare HTML site. And to explore the possibilities of hugo I tried the Quick start page of hugo. But as much as I tried to fix it it always ends up in a broken site.

Running hugo server shows the following

                   | EN
  Pages            |  8
  Paginator pages  |  0
  Non-page files   |  0
  Static files     |  1
  Processed images |  0
  Aliases          |  0
  Cleaned          |  0

And looks like this

Which tells me something is not loading in for some reason. What can I do to solve this? I can’t find anything. I have followed the quick start page to the point.

Edit: forgot to include
Running hugo v0.124.1 on windows 10, wsl has not worked either. Currently no repo since it’s littelry following the instructions of the getting started page word for word

That’s exactly what you should be seeing. Why do you think it is broken?

It looks nothing like the preview provided here. Where is the image that’s provided? The nav bars at the top? Why is the copyright at the bottom not actually at the bottom of the page and just somewhere in the middle?

I suggest you read the theme’s documentation:

Considering this is the instructions provided on the Quick Start page I should not have to go look through the themes documentation to get myself started off. The Getting Started page should have a theme that works out of the box as the demo appears.

If the example theme that is provided on the official hugo docs that is supposed to showcase the abilities of hugo is broken on release then something is wrong clearly

Your expectation is unreasonable. Every theme is different…


So the “Hello world” project provided by the official documentation of Hugo, is meant by design to be broken. And not provide instructions that “hey you need to look at the documentation first to get a working page exactly like how the demo showcases it”

I think my expectations is reasonable. Especially if this is the theme of whoever wrote the documentation wants to showcase what hugo is about.

I understand every theme is different. But I would expect the theme provided as your first step into hugo on the official documentation to be a working sandbox for developers to mess about in instantly. Not troubleshoot with configs.

Alright quick little discovery

As it turns out running hugo server inside the themes “exampleSite” folder produces the correct result as one would expect. However, the docs never tell you about this.

I also since learned that the theme tells you to use hugo mod init and the theme option just be a link to the git instead of using git submodule.

This leads me to believe the quick start page is out of date and why I (and some others seeming to be experiencing a similar error when I searched here) would be experiencing issues. And should probably be updated.

Or it should at least be better communicated on what the “theme” option is supposed to do

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