Question - Are there plans to support dart-sass and its newly introduced @use modular system?

I’ve been quite interested in transitioning away from my standard gulp build process to make use of the Hugo’s native asset build pipeline. However, it seems the sass implementation is built on libsass which currently doesn’t support the newly introduced @use modular system (@import to be deprecated in a couple of years or so).

From reading the blogs it seems the Sass team is planning to make Dart Sass will become the primary implementation of sass moving forward.

Are there any plans to switch to the dart-sass to support this new feature or will hugo continue to update the libsass library once this feature gets implemented more broadly?

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seems like it is being thinked about…

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@bep has closed that issue and engage libsass crew directly:

@bep, if there are some updates, please let us know.

I have upgraded Hugo’s libsass integration (phew!). In master we’re now at LibSass 3.6.3 (the latest). But Sass Modules isn’t in LibSass yet (I think it’s in their Work In Progress 4.0 branch) – but at least this means we’re ready for it when it when it comes.


Noted with thanks! I was about to post the doc link ( where libsass is yet to be supported. =)

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