LibSass "Depreciated" -- will this affect Hugo?

I hope that this doesn’t come across as alarmist, but I came across this issue from a few weeks back.

Active development will end with possible critical bug/security fixes.

I know that some(?)/all(?)/a few(?) us us were waiting for @use and other new SCSS feature coming down the pipeline, but now that seems to need a change in the SCSS to CSS library that Hugo (actually go-libsass) uses?

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I feel alarmed. On the other side: I remember reading a longer explanation from the Sass maintainers that basically not much will change because the other tools stay available. Node SASS (as far as I understand) stays and that’s something Hugo can work with. The same uproar happened when Ruby SASS was kicked two years back and now we lean back and are happily using node for SASS (or SASS for node, however you interpret this sentence).

It all boils down to the following: We need to procreate, ferociously, hehe. Then we need to support and interest our little creations in learning how this world works. Physics, biology, mathematics. Gift them a “Magic Tricks Box”. Subscribe them to Make Magazine. Give them a computer. Show them how to build a volcano in our kitchens and make light from potatoes. Do this for 15 to 20 years and you might have created a person who is interested enough in one single thing to dedicate their lives to it. I call it “the maintainer existence problem”. If there is none, it gets deprecated.


However, Node SASS is built off of LibSass… :grimacing:

DartSass seems to be the recommendation of the LibSass team

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What I meant was that libsass is not the only sass compiler available to this part of the internet. Sure, it was the Sass compiler programmed by the team behind Sass, but there is a specification of what a sass parser should implement ( and plenty of parsers that do not use libsass. Sass is not a program, it’s a way to write stylesheets.

My point:

or (very old)

  1. LibSASS isnt’t going away because of this.
  2. It’s much better to know the status than doing the waiting game for something to happen year after year.
  3. I suspect this will be the future: – it may complicate the Hugo installation process somewhat (if you need SASS), but time will tell.
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