Hugo, scss and use/import

It seems that hugo does not support @use in scss yet. Is there an estimate of when it will? The last post on hugo discourse about this was in 2019 so I would hope that things have changed/will change soon?

[scss is phasing out @import in the next few years and @use has been around for a while now.]

We do, see the transpiler option SASS / SCSS | Hugo

Note that the default transpiler, libsass, will probably never get @use support. Or, maybe never say never …

Oh fantastic! Thanks. Maybe this should be better documented? (Or perhaps I was a little lazy?)

Note that you’ll need to install Embedded Dart Sass in both your local PATH and the host’s PATH. I wrote a couple of posts about how to go about that (and there are links therein to earlier posts on the subject):

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