Protect a HUGO post with password

Hey there! wassup?
I want to protect a specific hugo post with a unique password! I searched google and I found a python tool but it’s not going to work as I’m not hosting my site on a private server but Netlify “as recommended in this forum”. so any ideas?
To be clear I’m using HUGO hosted on netlify!
thanks in advance

There isn’t anything specific to Hugo to assist with this; protecting a post with a password is in the purview of a web server or dynamic web app.

Netlify has a feature they call ‘selective protection with basic authentication’. That feature seems to do what you want. More information is here. Netlify is pretty expensive, though.

Edit: I now see that Onedrawingperday closed your earlier topic, so I shouldn’t have been replying here (?), sorry for that moderators.

“Onedrawingperday” closed the topic cause he thought I’m talking about something not related to HUGO that’s why I clarified it in a new topic! Thanks for your reply but also this solution is not working for me because it don’t lock content and also expensive as you mentioned

I knew exactly what you were talking about in the first place.

I marked the other topic as OT because this is not something that you can do with Hugo.

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