Passoword Protect Hugo Post (not an absolution)

I added a script to my post layout that checks for the password parameter in the front matter before loading the page. It’s not a perfect solution, but it adds a bit of security unless someone decides to go to the repository and look up the password.


Here is a demo - use 1234 to open the post and here is a tutorial if you want to implement it.

Any suggestions are welcome! thanks!

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You don’t need the repo to retrieve the password. It’s hard coded in your page. Also the content of your post is available in the page.

It’s a really simple solution, providing a false sense of security, imho.

Hi there and thanks for sharing,

I had a similar need, and came up with this solution:

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See also:

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I agree, I tried using GitHub secrets but unable to archive the same results - it must have to do something with how hugo builds.