Problem with posts

ok sooo i used hugo new posts/ to create the post, filled all the spaces i knew how to xd draft is true, site builds completely fine on netlify, but when i click posts on it i get 404 message, u can check at i heard that can be fixed my changing draft to false but when i do so i get the following error btw all my code is on my repo

The error is pointing to this part of the internal opengraph template.

It is looking for a series taxonomy, and looking at the value of series in your page frontmatter.

You have series defined in your frontmatter, but no series taxonomy configured.

Either configure a series taxonomy, or remove/rename the series in your frontmatter.

Oh my god that looks soo obvious sorry for being such a noob (as u can read on the website LOL)
now i only need to troubleshoot disqus and im good to go! Thanks for the big help u gave

ok having this bit of a problem, netlify just warned me about mixed content (happened after doing what u said) it detected those failures in the public folder the specified files were /categories/index.html and /tags/index.html do u know how to fix this ? since Netlify is the one building the website i dont know if i can change those

ok nvm i fixed it sorry.

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