Need help with live website..not displaying correctly (

Hi All,

Completely new to Hugo and need a bit of help on a portfolio website I am making--
It’s on the the ‘creative portfolio’ theme--

The deployed website looks different from what’s displayed on my local host…
I have a feeling it’s the way I’ve arranged my directory…but not sure what it should look like.
Any help would be hugely helpful :slightly_smiling:

Here’s what the front page looks like on local:

vs. live website:

Here’s the root–

Here’s public folder–

Any help would be appreciated, just to steer me in the right direction!


The basic reason is because all your styles sheets and JavaScript files aren’t being generated into your public folder.

Are you building it without the theme?

What is the content of your config.toml file?

Hey @JoshArcher,

Thanks for the reply!
I’m building with the theme-- creative portfolio.

Here is the config file contents–

baseurl = ""
title = "Graphic Blond"
theme = "hugo-creative-portfolio-theme"
languageCode = “en-us”

Enable comments by entering your Disqus shortname

disqusShortname = “”

Enable Google Analytics by entering your tracking code

googleAnalytics = “”


Style options: default (pink), blue, green, pink, red, sea, violet

Use custom.css for your custom styling

style = "pink"
description = "Ping Archbold = Graphic Blond"
copyright = ""
sidebarAbout = [

Contact page

 # Since this template is static, the contact form uses as a
 # proxy. The form makes a POST request to their servers to send the actual
 # email. Visitors can send up to a 1000 emails each month for free.
 # What you need to do for the setup?
 # - set your email address under 'email' below
 # - upload the generated site to your server
 # - send a dummy email yourself to confirm your account
 # - click the confirm link in the email from
 # - you're done. Happy mailing!

email = ""

Nav links in the side bar

name = "Home"
url = “”

name = "About"
url = “about/”

name = "Contact"
url = “contact/”

email = ""
facebook = ""
linkedin = ""
instagram = ""
twitter = “

Thanks, that doesn’t clear things up from what I can see.

When you run hugo in the terminal/prompt or whatever it’s called on Windows to build the site, what is the output?

If you can’t copy and paste the output from the prompt, I think on Windows you can redirect the output to a text file by using hugo > C:\Users\jbloggs\log.txt 2>&1 where C:\users\jbloggs is the path to your home directory.

Hey @JoshArcher,
Thanks for waiting-- this is what I get:

C:\Users\Ping Archbold>cd desktop

C:\Users\Ping Archbold\Desktop>cd

C:\Users\Ping Archbold\Desktop\>hugo
Started building sites …
Built site for language en:
0 draft content
0 future content
0 expired content
13 regular pages created
4 other pages created
0 non-page files copied
0 paginator pages created
0 tags created
0 categories created
total in 87 ms

C:\Users\Ping Archbold\Desktop\>

@blueboy907 Can you point me to a repo for this?

Hey @rdwatters

Sry, I’m pretty new to this… I’m trying to push to Gitlab but having some trouble.
I’ll try to get it for you… just have to figure it out. Or if you know of another way to show the repo

All the files right now are on my desktop…
I might be doing this wrong, so any guidance will be super helpful!