Problem when editing docs

When editing the docs live reload does not work for one file.

In a separate topic it was pointed out that the docs would not load with Hugo server unless I installed the latest Hugo, so I am doing that.

I updated my Hugo this am with go get, and tried to edit hugo/docs/content/templates/ but the whole page shows up in the sidebar. All other pages render as expected.

Only this page indicates v0.13 in the top bar while all others are showing v0.14.

How to fix?

Mystical … I think if you delete /public (or wherever) and build again, you will get a “404 not found” (what you see is old content).

Why the 404 page ironically gets a 404, that I will figure out and fix.

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Fixed in

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Thanks @bjornerik. I was swamped the past couple of days, but I just upgraded hugo, deleted public, and that page now displays without error. I’ll go ahead and make the edit. :slight_smile: