Problem displaying pictures


I have a problem with the deployment of a website. I use blue imp gallery to show pictures, it work on my local servor but online i only have the thumbnails and when i click on it i have “404 not found”. I see nothing wrong in the folders. The code for a picture in my gallery is:
img = "gallery/image1.jpg"
title = "Barfleur"
thumbnails = "thumbnails/image1.jpg"
alternative = “Port”

I don’t see where I’m wrong… thx for any help!! :slight_smile:

Are the paths correct on your production server? What I’d do to start is, check what path you see in the status bar, when you hover your mouse over the thumbnail?

I found the solution finaly! the paths were good, but I make a mistake on the names of pictures, I put “.JPG” instad of “.jpg”… And now it works! I didn’t know the case could be a problem…
Thx for your time rick!

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Glad to hear you found it.