404 not found -- some images not loaded (image46.jpg fine, image47.jpg not)

I am using Hugo for the first time. Using this great tutorial Azure Static Web Apps Hosted Hugo site using Cookbook theme I was able to create a “podcast” website using a modified cookbook theme. The site can be accessed here, SAP on Azure Video Podcast (blue-bush-0f61ba403.azurestaticapps.net)
Source code here: hobru/hugo-playground (github.com)

Everything was working great (I had already added 47 entries). After that for some reason pictures would not load anymore. image images/episode046-thumb.jpg is loading fine, image /images/episode047-thumb.jpg not ( [SAP on Azure Video Podcast | The One with the Analyzing Security Threats in SAP. The only difference is the name (path and everything else is the same).

Is there a limit of files? I tried to change the path, start from scratch, … no idea what’s wrong here.

❯ hugo env
hugo v0.90.1-48907889 windows/amd64 BuildDate=2021-12-10T10:56:41Z VendorInfo=gohugoio

Stupid me. I found my error. For some reason the extension of the file changed from jpg to JPG.

Now it’s working again.

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