My Hugo blog on PaperMod does not look like it should

Hi! I followed this tutorial to create a Hugo blog on Github Pages with PaperMod theme. When I run it locally, it is all pretty and nice. When I deploy it to GitHub Pages and display the page, it is broken.
The author of the tut is using config.yml, I used the recommended Hugo.toml. Perhaps that is where I made the mistake somewhere. I also did not do the

-f yml

in the beginning when adding a new site.

Can anyone please help me?

Link to my Github:

I suggest that you use these instructions instead:

OK, thank you. I will give it a go. The reason I went with the other one was that it provided more detail and information. I am not very used to Github and was looking for dummy proof guidance. :slight_smile:

Understood. The instructions I referenced are based on the Hugo starter action created by GitHub Pages team. So, mostly dummy-proof.

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It works. :slight_smile:

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