Post in 'static' folder; linking internally


I would like to ask how to include a post from the ‘static’ folder. It has to be in that folder because it’s a ‘flexdashboard’ site. Would there be a way–if hacky–to introduce this page and let it have an internal look, opening in the same window, rather than an external one?

Thank you very much indeed

Files in static get copied to the root, so if you have static/doc.html it will render at You can link to that. :sunglasses:

Thank you! I can see that, but how can I let this post be presented among the other posts? I can’t seem to find any area where I could do this. In case you know of any example of this, or any documentation that directly addresses this issue, I’d be really grateful for any pointers.

I think you are asking about integrating “flexdashboard” into Hugo. The answer is: maybe.

Most things on the web load a script and get fed some data file. Hugo does that. I don’t know if the thing you want does that, because you said:

and then said,

makes me think you don’t know how that works. And it’s an R thing, which I don’t know.

But again, we can rely on the fact that most things are a script and some data, and Hugo’s got that covered. Read every page in the docs, twice. :sunglasses:

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Thank you!

My question is not specific to flexdashboard actually. It could be anything that’s placed in ‘static’.

I would be grateful for any specific pointers from anyone.

P.S. I only mentioned the Flexsdashboard because it cannot be rendered within the theme, and therefore has to go to ‘static’.

No. Items in the static folder by default are served outside Hugo’s content management.

There is no template to control items in the static directory because it is not meant for that.

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Thank you very much!