Possible bug? / inconsistency between server and static generated pages

Having had my Wordpress site hacked, I decided to move to Hugo. So still getting to grips with it. Really like it.
I’m using the Hyde-y theme which is clean and beautiful. Site under construction here: http://roywalker-ifa.com/ .

Problem description:

  • when I run hugo server, the site runs perfectly on localhost:1313… all links good and pages working, BUT
  • when I run hugo to build the site, then upload it, there is one section that has broken links - the TAGS section (http://roywalker-ifa.com/tags/)… if you click through there is a missing ‘/’ between the baseURL and the rest of the path… for example roywalker-ifa.comtags/popular instead of roywalker-ifa.com/tags/popular

Why the inconsistency between server and built site?
How to I fix this?

Thanks very much!

PS. Chrome will tell you the site is unsafe. Ignore and click through. Google hasn’t yet recognised that I’ve removed all the spam and malicious content hackers put on my Wordpress site. R.

What is your baseURL setting?

You’re right… I had no final ‘/’ on the end of the baseURL setting.
So I added one, then rebuilt and uploaded…

Yaaay it works! Thanks a lot!!