Duplicate siteurl created while running hugo to generate public

HI, all

I use my own theme, and it works well in “hugo server” locally, but I always get duplicated siteurls while running “hugo” in public htmls on the following code: href="{{.Site>BaseURL}", like:


and here are part of the _default/list.html:

        <a class="tag tag--primary tag--small" href="{{.Site>BaseURL}}./"><font color="green">Home</font></a>
        <a class="tag tag--primary tag--small" href="{{.Site.BaseURL}}/tags/">Tags</a>
        <a class="tag tag--primary tag--small" href="{{.Site.BaseURL}}/categories">Categories</a>

Any advice would be appreicated.

Remove the BaseURL!


change it to


The browser makes the work to complete the URL!

Great! Thanks !!!:sunny: