Portable Web server

found this

It’s a web server for Mac, Linux, Windows etc… written in Go
Has anyone tryed it?

No, I haven’t, because it’s a pain to set up on the web host I usually use. I just went for the standard stuff that’s on there.

Have you seen:

Wonder if it still works…

It has changed name (not sure) to be more generic, but I see updates from now and then and it has its own Hugo package there, so I guess it does.

Caddy has telemetry turned on by default.

Telemetry does NOT collect personal information. No cookies, no session IDs, no way to identify individual clients connecting to your server. Telemetry is concerned with benign, aggregate counts: successful TLS connections, HTTP requests handled, response latency, etc.; technical characteristics: properties of TLS handshakes, software version, User-Agent strings, MITM assessments, etc.; and timestamps; things like that.

I know some folks are vehemently opposed to telemetry. But would the above not be useful data for the developers of a web server?