Port grayscale bootstrap theme to hugo

i want to move my company site to hugo before upgrading further, but i don’t want to give up my bootstrap grayscale theme. i could probably figure out how to port this but would rather pay someone else to do so.

i would be happy for the resulting grayscale-hugo theme to be shared with the hugo community on the themes page.

here’s the theme: https://github.com/blackrockdigital/startbootstrap-grayscale/
jekyll port in case that is helpful: https://github.com/jeromelachaud/grayscale-theme
polySpectra site for reference: https://polyspectra.com

your choice: reply, direct message, or email hello [at] polyspectra

thanks, i shot you an email.

still looking for help, in case anyone else out here is interested. would love to source the job from within this community if possible.

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