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I have a file under ‘cars’ in a subfolder ‘mercedes’, called ‘’. The path to the file is ‘/content/cars/mercedes/’. I would like the permalink to be: ‘/autos/mercedes/300-sl/’.

I want the following configuration:

  cars: autos/:filename

but this gives me the permalink ‘/autos/300-sl/’. Is it possible to have the dir (‘mercedes’) in the permalink by setting a custom permalink structure in the config? I would expect there to be a ‘:dir’ or ‘:filepath’ variable. Does this exist?

Thank you in advance.

Add to the frontmatter in

url: /autos/mercedes/300-sl

check out the docs for slug (the last part of the url) and url (the full url of a page).

@davidsneighbour Thank you!

Your solution works, but it means I have to add the url to each file. I would rather automatically read the path the file is already on. Is that also possible?

Thank you in advance.

If you create an file in each subsection…

├── bmw/
│   ├──
│   ├──
│   └──
└── mercedes/

…you can do this in your site configuration:

cars = '/autos/:sections[1]/:slug'

@jmooring Thank you! That works for this example.

However, I am after a solution that works for more than just one level, as I have created an auto-collapsing menu that works for infinite levels of content (within a section).

If there is no way to reflect the directory structure in the permalink (and mimic the default behaviour), adding a variable like ‘:dir’ or ‘:filepath’ might be a nice feature request? What do you think?

Thank you all for your time!

Did you read the documentation?


the content’s sections hierarchy. New in v0.83.0 Since Hugo 0.83 you can use a selection of the sections using slice syntax : :sections[1:] includes all but the first, :sections[:last] includes all but the last, :sections[last] includes only the last, :sections[1:2] includes section 2 and 3. Note that this slice access will not throw any out-of-bounds errors, so you don’t have to be exact.


Thank you for pointing me to that. This hack/workaround solves the problem for most users/use cases.

I still think Hugo should have a setting that enables you to mimic the default behaviour.


This is neither a “hack” nor a “workaround.” It is a “capability” or “feature.” Words matter.


The problem is that (when defined in the config):

there is no way to reflect the directory structure in the permalink

In my opinion using subsections IS a workaround for this problem, as a subsection is not the same as a directory structure (from what I have understood). I have understood it to be like this:

  • a folder with an file is a section or subsection
  • a folder with a file is a page bundle
  • a folder without those files is a directory structure (unless it is in the root of the content dir)

I was looking for a way to reflect the third option in the permalink, not the first or the second.

Did you read the documentation?

Words matter.

Please know that I am not trying to offend or attack you. I think this functionality is genuinly flawed in Hugo. I want to ask you (or the community) if this is indeed a missing feature/strange behaviour (the default behaviour being different from the one you can configure). I love to hear your opinion on this, because I know you know everything about Hugo. Having people think along is why I asked the question.

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