PDF of official Hugo documentation?

Dear All

Official Hugo documentation is the best source to learn Hugo. But sometimes we need to develope it locally, even without internet connection first. Is there a way to convert Hugo documentation to pdf version?


It’s a hugo site, so, you can clone it to your local and run hugo in the cloned project, to see it offline.
Otherwise I guess you could probably rig up pandoc or something to go through and convert it all to PDF.
If you get the PDF conversion working, do post back with the solution.

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Some ideas:

  • clone the hugo docs repo locally https://github.com/gohugoio/hugoDocs
  • create a new template, in which you range all regular pages, aka {{ range site.RegularPages }}
  • this will generate a single long page of all the hugo docs pages
  • then like @RickCogley mentioned, use pandoc or similar tool to convert html to pdf (even good old print to save as pdf in chrome)

Great idea. I will try through Pandoc. Thanks.

Only comes out to 2.2M. I thought it’d be bigger. Just a lot of good text. :slight_smile:


Bep is investigating PDF as an output format.