Create a PDF documentation book based on the Hugo website

Hello, I have a website on Hugo. I would like to use the markdown content materials for the pages of the site as a pdf book with documentation. I tried on the advice to display all the content in one html page and process it using wkhtmltopdf or pandoc.
But the result using the html page and wkhtmltopdf does not look beautiful and does not look like a good book.
I tried another way with Pandoc. But when i converting html pages to pandoc, some of the important information about formating may be lost. Also, many pandoc templates are designed for markdown files and even more information is lost when converting html-> md-> pdf. Also this path is too cumbersome.
I thought to send content files directly to pandoc markdown, but they may contain parts of TOML and HUGO service codes. They have included into the final pdf. It seems that Hugo at the output cannot create a markdown page instead of HTML
Does anyone have any advice on how best to make a book with documentation based on site materials?