Export a resume as a PDF

As my 1st project with Hugo I’d like to remake the resume. Now the academic template appears to be a good starting point and the discussion has 1 reference to making a book but if someone has pointers they’d like to share I’d love to read them.

If your goal is to have a single source that can be generated to both HTML and PDF, I’m not sure Hugo is the best choice (maybe try Pandoc in combination with LaTeX). BUT, you could use Hugo to generate the HTML and then wkhtmltopdf to generate the PDF from the HTML/CSS source. I’m not entirely sure you will be able to garner the results that I’m guessing you’re after, but I don’t know the wkhtmltopdf tool well enough to give a definitive answer.

Hi! I am trying to do something similar and was wondering if you managed to get somewhere with your project?

I tryed another way, using CSS for media=“print”. Works now only for single pages.
Using a pdf-printer is the solution for me.

Hugo could generate a book from a single page with the right hacked template.
Has anyone realized a output to LaTeX?

Using Pandoc to generate LaTeX and then a PDF is a handy way.

In your deploy script you can use:

cd static && pandoc ../content/cv.md -t latex-smart -o cv.pdf

This is a more elaborate example you can adjust to your needs:

cd static && pandoc -r markdown-smart+pipe_tables+table_captions+yaml_metadata_block --pdf-engine=lualatex --top-level-division=chapter --template=$HOME/templates/pandoc.template ../content/cv.md -t latex-smart -o cv.pdf

Another way is using Asciidoctor which supports PDF.

This only works locally, of course. I don’t think Netlify et al. support Pandoc(?).

You could download pandoc and unzip it as part of your Netlify build command.

Oh wow! I did not know that. Thanks, @zwbetz.