Paypal button setup

Brand new to Hugo and still assessing if it will suit my purposes. Before I dive in I’d appreciate if anyone could clarify if/how the engine can support Paypal functionality, equivalent to the Wordpress add-on I’ve been using. Grateful for any advice.

Could you provide more info about this functionality? Is it a simple javascript?

If yes, best way to do it would probably be with a shortcode.


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Sorry I can’t be more specific about method. I simply ask if anyone is aware of any tools to setup Paypal payments on a Hugo-generated webpage. I presume everyone is familiar with Paypal.

Paypal has documentation on how to add PayPal buttons. Specifically, they say this on their HTML reference page:

Note: Buttons created using the Create a PayPal payment button page are secure and can be posted directly to your website without modifying the button’s HTML code. If your site configuration requires that you modify the generated HTML code, or if you need to create your own buttons manually, see Secure your HTML buttons to ensure your buttons are safe from malicious tampering.

Hugo should be able to handle this fine.