Parse error message when using edited config file

Hi all,
I am using the hugo-artists-theme and I have edited the config.toml file in my root directory with my details in the page title i.e. changed page title to ‘Wisemind’ from ‘Hugo Artists Theme’ and I get this error message when building using ‘hugo sever’:

ERROR: 2016/05/14 While parsing config: Near line 4 (last key parsed ‘title’): Expected value but found ‘“’ instead.
ERROR: 2016/05/14 No ‘baseurl’ set in configuration or as a flag. Features like page menus will not work without one.

I am new to Hugo so please could someone tell me why this is happening ?

Please post the lines in question from your config.toml.

baseurl = ""
languageCode = "en-us"
title = “Wisemind”
theme = “hugo-artists-theme”

you used incorrect quotes.