Jekyll -> Hugo import base url and parse date error

New hugo user here. I get an error with the base url directory when I try to convert my Jekyll site:

$ hugo server
ERROR: 2016/01/10 While parsing config: Near line 25 (last key parsed ''): Key 'params' has already been defined.
ERROR: 2016/01/10 No 'baseurl' set in configuration or as a flag. Features like page menus will not work without one

My config.toml

# Site settings
baseurl = ""
languageCode = "en-us"
title = "website"
theme = "blog"

The static directory files are copied over fine. Thanks in advance.

Hi @pixelchef,

The error message seems to imply that your config file has at least 25 lines, but your posted config.toml has only 4.

Could you please run hugo server -v and paste the output here? That will at least show us which config file it is trying to read, e.g. config.yaml (though config.toml should have precedence…)


Fixed this be removing the YAML config file and moving/converting what I needed.