Pages not showing (Doks theme)


I am new to Hugo as I decided to transition from Jekyll recently. I am currently trying to port my documentation as it is too big and I head Hugo’s performance is much better.

I decided to go with Doks theme. I am experiencing issues though and I am unable to see what is the problem.

What I have done:

  1. I have copied the Child theme according to documentation.
  2. npm run create -- --kind docs [section] with api and articles as name for sections
  3. I have tried adding some pages under articles => general => introduction as an example
  4. Also, I edited menu config

The problem is pages are not showing in my articles as well. I am trying to recreate what you can see in Docs tab. I am nesting the pages in folders as there will be images in these articles.

Example of desired result:

Natromitus/tsl2-doc-another-try (

Please raise an issue with the theme author:

cc @h-enk