Deprecation message

I am getting:

Building sites … WARN 2019/07/29 10:17:00 Page's .Hugo is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Use the global hugo function.

Yet, I have searched my theme for .Hugo and it isn’t present anywhere. Could someone provide a lead as of to where start looking? The only place where .Hugo showed on my theme was in the “meta.html” partial, like so:

{{ .Hugo.Generator }}

Which was replaced by:

{{ hugo.Generator }}

Are there any files in the “root” layout directory? did you check that one? Shortcodes? Any “hidden” theme folder that you don’t use but that’s present at build time?

It should come up somewhere. By the way: it says “Page’s .Hugo is deprecated”. So if you have a .Page.Hugo somewhere that is the cause.

Bingo! That was it. Thanks, @davidsneighbour!