Pagelevel sub menus

I’m try out hugo for a static page which should contain some personal subpages. So from structure level I would have something like this:

content --news --people ----person1 ----person2

What I would like to have is a main menu, containing “news” and “people”. This menu is defined in the config.toml. I also managed to get a overview page of persons only (without the subpages like,, …) by using types. What I would like to archive now is the following:

I want a single page theme for persons. In this theme I would like to create a menu which contains the subpages of a person (which can be very different and should be freely creatable in the persons markdown files). So basically I require a page level submenu. Is there a way to define a menu in personx/ like “menu: “cv, publications”” which then contains links to e.g. base/people/person1/cv/ (which itself would lead to the same theme, just with cv content)?

I think this is what you’re looking for: