Page sporadically rendering improperly

I’m using Hugo v0.118.2, using Zwbetz’s Cupper. This randomly happens

it should look like this

date: "06-07-2021"
title: "Misc Info"

## Table Of Contents

### [Project Info](/info/project)

### [Campo Santo](/info/camposanto)

### [Firewatch](/info/firewatch)

I have tried toc: false in my Yaml file and per page, Sometimes it works and renders the page correctly but most times it renders like it’s shown above.
Any suggestions?

Without access to your project I am just guessing, but this sounds like it might be a page collision. What do you see when you run:

hugo --printPathWarnings 

Running the command got me

WARN  Duplicate target paths: \info\index.html (2)

I had /content/info and /content/ so I moved /content/ to /content/info/ But it still does not show the correct content.

Project files can be found here
and a fully rendered site here

Thanks in advance

OK, you’ve resolved the page collision.

Now let’s look at why you aren’t seeing what you want to see.

This content page:


is rendered by:

That template does not contain {{ .Content }} anywhere, so the content of content/info/ is not rendered.

Ahhh, Ok I see! Thanks for clearing that up.

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