Page Not found after deploy (Docker)


I’m learning to use Hugo and the experience was awesome until the deployement

It works perfectly in local but systematically returns ‘Page Not Found’ when deployed
In my case I’m using Docker but I saw many similar posts of people using cloudflare or netlify

  • I tried different themes mainly, ananke and tranquilpeak
  • Both in local and deployed (including the official quickstart tutorial)
  • I double checked for all draft: true that could mess up

I was wondering what I’m doing wrong

You can check my code’s sources here for more details

Never mind, I found the problem
(obviously between the chair and the computer)

For the next ones who won’t read the docs enough

Hugo is a static website generator, which means:

  • It will run fine with any nginx or apache setup (like any basic html/css website you’ve done while learning)
  • The command hugo server is only present to spare you the nginx / apache installation locally, in prod you should have one of the two
    (So don’t loose time fighting with baseURL and Bind
  • In your Apache / nginx conf it’s important to take care of the entry point, for example with nginx index index.html index.xml;

Hoping this will be useful in the future