Duplicate index page?

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Hi all,

Probably a very basic issue but I’m having real trouble solving. When I run hugo server and navigate to the categories section 2 different pages show up. One has the list formatting and shows the other section pages while the other has only the title formatting (partial “hero-image-setheight.html”). The page that shows changes when refreshed or the project is re-saved seemingly at random.

Are there any notices or warnings when you run hugo server? I am incredible lazy, but I would try to recreate your issue tomorrow with your repos. Might be easier to solve if there is more info to the output of your system :wink:

Building sites … WARN 2020/06/10 15:42:36 found no layout file for "HTML" for kind "taxonomyTerm": You should create a template file which matches Hugo Layouts Lookup Rules for this combination.

Cheers. Above is the warning I get. Rest looks fine

That’s an indicator. The pages differ because whatever gets created first is the one that is used. I’ll have a look at your repos in some hours.

Cheers. I had a section called categories which must have caused the issue through confusion with the taxonomy ‘categories’. I re-labelled the section to category. Definitely not my finest hour…

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