Page bundle can not render to page

Before I post this topic, I have search a lot but make a new topic. So sorry to this simple question

First of all, I have this content folder structure tree like this

│  │             ----> I want it's URL like this:  /FolderA/
│  │  
│  ├─comments 
    |    |         ---->   I want it's URL like this:  /FolderA/comments      
│  └─_images
│          photoA.png

But Hugo will never render the FolderA and FolderB

my Hugo env is follow:

Hugo Static Site Generator v0.47.1 windows/amd64 BuildDate: 2018-08-20T08:17:26Z


And, I create my own theme in layout folder, it looks like this

│      foot.html
│      footer.html
│      head.html
│      header.html
│      side.html

So, I am confuse how hugo process page bundle with .

I may make something wrong. Does anyone have an answer?

So much Thank you.

I suggest you read up on bundles: The main point above is that “leaf bundles” (“”) are recursive: They will contain everything in that folder and below.

As mentioned, see the docs on page bundles.

As an example, here’s what your content would need to look like in order to get your desired URLs:

└── folder-a
    ├── comments
    │   └──

Sorry for misunderstanding “leaf bundles” (“”)

I create some test folders to render for test leaf/branch bundles, and then I knew it.

Thank you so much