A specific page is not built

In my Hugo site, a specific page is note generated.

Here is the structure :

- content/
    - admission/
        - index.md
        - success/

After run hugo --gc, admission/index.html is generated but admission/success/ and admission/success/index.html are not.

Other pages (under other than admission/) are generated fine.

  • Hugo version : v0.63.2/extended windows/amd64"
  • Theme : academic

I added Netlify CMS to the site but this page (.md file) was made manually and the problem occurs in local enviroment.

Please advise. Thank you.

It is marked as draft.

Hi @maiki, thank you for your reply.
The draft setting is false.

admission/success/index.md's contents is only this:

title: Success
date: 2020-04-25+09:00
draft: false
Your Admission is sent.
Thank you for your sending.

Thank you.

- content/
    - admission/
        - index.md <-- THIS IS PAGE BUNDLE
        - success/

rename that admission/index.md to admission/_index.md.
Page Bundle Documentation

Hi @pamubay, thank you for your reply.
I did not know about page bundle.

After tried to change to your suggest, the page is generated fine.
However exapmle.com/admission/ shows both of admission/index.md and admission/success/index.md.

I think this is the expected result of branch bundle but it is not what I want to do.
I just show the both pages as single page.

So I changed the structure to (as the sample of Examples of Leaf Bundle organization):

- content/
    - admission/
        - index.md
        - success.md

but success.html was not generated.

How can I do?

any markdown inside Leaf Bundle (except index.md) are not generated automatically.
Inside leaf bundle, the other markdowns are treated as Page Resources.

Hi @pamubay, thank you.

I changed to:

- content/
    - admission/
            - index.md
        - success/

After that, both example.com/admission/form/ and example.com/admission/success/ are shown fine.

I just solve one more thing.
example.com/admisson/ shows a list of both pages but I do not want to show it.
Is there anyway to delete or edit this page?

Well, You need to modify your template list/section code. To ignore both pages.
It’s better to ask the theme maintainer directly, as they know better.