Page appearance shows strange behaviour

I have a strange behaviour and do not know how to deal with it. My content has a subsection like /content/departments/department_a/team. A corresponding layout template is available under /layouts/team/single.html. In the front matter of the “team”, I set type = “team”. The page gets data using getCSV which is stored under /static/csv/. So far, so good.

If I start the server with hugo server, the team page does not show up. It is not there, a listing on the landing page using

        {{ $section := .Site.Pages }}
        {{ range $section }}
            <p>{{ .Permalink }} </p>
        {{ end }}

does not show it. But if I change the page from single to list (renaming the to and renaming the layout file from single.html to list.html) or vice versa, the page suddenly shows up. It is then available until I restart the server, then, again, same story.

I am totally lost and have no clue how to deal with this. Any ideas?