[OT] Unable to downgrade Hugo package with MacOS Homebrew

So I can’t solve this problem so I want to get back to previous version.

I found this article but I get error.

Calling Installation of hugo from a commit URL is deprecated! Use Use ‘brew extract hugo’ to stable tap. instead.

I have Mac OS Mojave. I see the sha256 is different but I can’t find solution to install older version. Please give me a tip

Actually I did point you to detailed instructions about how to solve the original issue you experienced.

In the end some technical knowledge is required to use Hugo.

We cannot do the work for you I am afraid.

And there is really no point in posting another topic about how to downgrade a package in the MacOS package manager.

If you cannot figure out how to downgrade then ask at the Brew support channels.

This is the Hugo Support forum after all.