[OT] How can I undo noindex in the robots meta tag?

How can I undo noindex in the robots meta tag?

I’m hosting a site using Hugo’s Zzo Theme on Netlify.
I want to subscribe to Google’s index in Google Search Console, but it blocks me with “robots meta tag detected noindex”.

I don’t need a sitemap or robots.txt, but it seems to be generated by itself somewhere.
I searched for robots, noindex, etc. in the text editor, but I can only find the relevant part in the public directory.

You have already opened an issue at the Zzo theme repo with your question.

However the source of the Zzo theme’s demo as published on the Hugo Themes website does not contain the robots meta tag in the HTML <head> element.

It appears that something else is going on. I suggest that you wait for an answer by the theme author -but it seems that the theme has nothing to do with what you described-.

Also I am closing this issue because in this forum we offer support only for Hugo related questions and not about HTML tags and SEO.

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