"noindex" in HTTP "X-Robots-Tag" in every page

I use Hugo v0.73.0/extended with Mainroad theme.
google search console show this error for every page of my site

i try to round the solusion in similar topic but it never work. Try to follow this but it continue with the some error even i have robots.txt (at. https:// aznalubma.it/ robots.txt)

I can’t really understand the source of the problem, tryed to search any refecente to robots or notag in sourcecode but nothing, it is just generated in public folder.

X-Robot-Tag is an HTTP header, meaning your web server is generating it. Please check your server configuration or contact your service provider.

The good news: it is not caused by Hugo. :slight_smile:

you’re damned right, you hadn’t even considered it.
Thanks so much!

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