OT: AirSS, a RSS aggregator that runs entirely in the browser

Announcing AirSS, an ultra lightweight RSS aggregator that runs entirely in the browser, with no backend.

  • No software to install, no service to sign up, no middle man, no cookie, no tracking, completely free with no string attached at all. github link
  • Application states are persisted locally to IndexedDB. It optionally uses your own Airtable to sync between multiple devices so they stay in sync
  • Supports RSS, Atom and JSON feeds out of the box, Trace <link rel="alternate" ...> through html too. It will also peek the referer header so if you have a link of https://airss.roastidio.us/?subscribe-referrer in your index.html then you are all set.

Caveat: It is a javascript program running in the browser, and it needs to fetch feeds from elsewhere so CORS restriction applies. Among major static site hosts, Github Page and Vercel work out of the box with access-control-allow-origin: * in the default. Other hosts may need some configuration. Or you can install one of the many CORS bypassing browser extensions.

It is alpha quality software so use it at your own risk. Feedbacks and PRs are welcome.

I gave a try, that’s nice!

As I’m not a native english speaker, the wording is a bit confusing: the first two buttons after registration are “Roast!” / “Speechless” - that’s not simple english!

Second, I didn’t get how we switch from a RSS feed agregator to a kind of tiny blog

A last thing, it would be more exciting if, on the page https://roastidio.us/me, the active tab is “Other topics” by default, showing that there is already some activities / a community

Hope that helps,
thank you for sharing your creations