Org-mode support?

hi all,
is possible to write content with org-mode markup ? then compile with pandoc or something else ?


Out of the box org-mode support will attracts a lot of users! This will prevent having to export org files into an intermediate format (ex: HTML) before using Hugo to generate the web site.

It should be easy to support with the proper libraries. I found the following libraries already for go. How do we determine which one to include? Can someone help with testing it and making sure it’s well supported?

A first glance at those 3 libs: None of them are even close.

While I’m a staunch proponent and die hard user of Vim/NeoVim, I have to say that the idea of using Org-mode to publish a blog is really quite interesting. Until I ran across your post, @Eggcaker, I’d never thought about such a workflow. Recently I’ve been giving it some serious consideration to trying out Org-mode as I’ve come to question if system I currently use in production* could benefit from an upgrade. I’m absolutely sticking with Vim (for me, evil-mode is no substitute for the real thing) but I might have to install Emacs just for Org-mode. Org-mode is one of those cases where there’s no equivalent in the Vim universe and that’s truly unfortunate.

Anyways… Is using Org-mode as a component of blog writing a common practice? In this case when I use the term blog I’m talking about something more involved/complex than the HTML v1 compliant, almost Gopher-esque, if not hand-coded thought dump of the greybeard hacker (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Is there a contingent of Emacs users that compose their blog posts in Org-mode?

@Eggcaker, I really appreciate the idea of integrating one’s blog writing into their todo/planning/notes workflow; regardless of how I end up managing my life I’m going to make sure that blog post authoring and whatnot is closely integrated into the stack.


** By production I mean for my own personal benefit. Recently I’ve come to question if the my system of Post-It™ notes, short semi-coherent emails to myself, fragments of ideas scrawled on bar napkins drink coasters, illegible notes scratched out on the back of sore recipes,mental notes, and a small tree’s worth of bound notebooks filled with freeform notes and thoughts ⸺ an app stack which I’ve which I’ve lovingly developed and maintained in-house over many years might not scale.