Org mode, ox-hugo & blackfriday vs gomarkdown/markdown


I’ve finally settled on using Emacs along with Org mode as general markup for all my writing needs, iow. for my task management, (study) notes, slide-show presentation, writing articles/blog-posts and even books, considering the current state of affairs with Go’s native parser, it is natural to use excellent ox-hugo package provided by @kaushalmodi.

However, I’ve similar concern about the future of blackfriday?

Moreover, I have found out about a (new) fork and wonder what is the plan with it in regard to Hugo and/or whether one can be safe about using Org mode with Hugo and its dependency on native Go parser for markdown?

Cool! =)

I assume you mean the Go native Org parser. I have been concerned about that too. There has been zero response from the goorgeous dev for more than 6 months at a stretch I believe (this shows 0-activity only up to the past 1 month).

While it would be rather impossible for goorgeous to match the native Org exporter capabilities, it would be nice if some Emacs/Go dev would step up to maintain that package (talk to the dev to see if he is willing to handover the ownership, and if not, then fork it). The Goorgeous package is great in its own right, for someone who wants to use Org just as Markdown, and not more. So a maintained-less-featured project is better than a dead-less-featured project.

However, I’ve similar concern 3 about the future of blackfriday?

Things have slightly improved since I opened that issue. There has been some activity like PR merging (on its v2 branch), but no serious development pickup yet. It just needs more Go devs who use Hugo.

I had come across that too. IMO, that fork is very immature and needs a strong leadership (this exchange with the fork owner was a strong let-down for me).

AFAIK, there is no plan for Hugo to switch to that (which is good IMO). But some time in future, it might switch to using v2 of Blackfriday (and I might need to make matching changes in ox-hugo for that).

You are safe as long as you are using ox-hugo :slight_smile:

ox-hugo has been strengthened to go around so many upstream bugs! in Blackfriday, Hugo, etc.. I’m not even boasting if I said that ox-hugo has more Markdown parsing tests than Blackfriday itself :stuck_out_tongue:



OK, thank you for encouraging words. :clap: